Apply For 1:1 Body Transformation Coaching With Tijana Daly
Get Stronger, Have More Energy & Become More Confident In Your Skin
Is Coaching Right For You?
If you...

- No longer feel comfortable in your skin since having kids

- Want to feel confident rocking any outfit in your closet again

- Want to be strong and have more energy so you keep up with the demands of family life

- Are ready to become the best version of yourself and leave habits that don't serve you behind

- Have no desire to eat separate meals from your family in the process

...then this is for you!
Here's Exactly How I Help Get You Lasting Results
...WITHOUT Restrictive Dieting, Hours Of Cardio Or Feeling Alienated From Your Family
Fitness & Body Composition Assessment
After a detailed intake and virtual assessment of your physique, you will receive a customized plan and be crystal clear on our plan of action with your transformation.
Customized Nutrition Plan
Your plan is customized to your own goals and preferences. With our Food Substitution calculator, you'll eat the foods you love while still achieving amazing results.
Personalized Training Program
Your training program is delivered inside our Team Strong Girls app, so it's like I'm right there training with you.
Detailed Biweekly Check-Ins
We'll delve deep into your progress and you'll have personalized guidance on how to move forward to accelerate your results.
Exclusive Team Stong Girls Facebook Community
Behind every Strong Girls success story is our Strong community. Here you'll get unlimited support and accountability to ensure you succeed.
Team Strong Girls Members Area
Forget dieting restrictively only to go back to old habits right after. You'll have all the resources you need to commit to your healthy lifestyle for good, including hundreds of delicious on-plan, family-friendly recipes.
The Secret is Simple: Having The Right Plan, The Right Tools & The Right Support To Tie It All Together
1:1 Coaching Eliminates The Guess Work & Accelerates Your Results

About Me

Hi, I'm Tijana Daly! I'm a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist and Body Transformation Specialist For Moms, and busy mom of two young boys.

After working as a sought-after Personal Trainer and Women's Fitness Coach for several years, I then became a mom myself and was opened up to the unique needs moms possess when it comes to fitness. From there, I was inspired to help as many moms as possible become fit, healthy and confident - without the unrealistic and unsustainable barriers of traditional weight loss and fitness plans.

I am now a body transformation coach with the industry-renowned company Team Strong Girls and helps hundreds of women and moms alike transform their bodies for good.
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