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Presented by Tijana Daly, Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist
The Lean Body Blueprint
Discover How To Lose Fat Forever By Working With Your Metabolism - Not Against It
In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • The proven, simple 3-step system my clients are using to lose fat and transform their body permanently without having to eat restrictively
  • ​The REAL reason your metabolism is sluggish
  • How to sculpt a lean and tight body and maintain it, even after having kids, into your 30s, 40s and beyond
  • ​The BIGGEST MISTAKE women make with their workouts
  • ​And more!
About your host
Tijana Daly is a Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and Holistic Nutritionist known for turning her clients into lean, mean, fat burning machines - without cardio or restrictive diets.

After experiencing all the ups and downs of weight loss from early childhood and then coming full circle to the dark world of restrictive bodybuilding diets, Tijana became committed to showing her clients the better way to lasting fitness and health.

Over the past 5 years, Tijana has helped dozens of women and moms alike become confident in the gym, in the kitchen and in their bikini bodies using her siganture 3-step method.

You Can FINALLY Get The Lean and Toned Body You've Been Wanting For Years
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